mata kuliah Proses Produksi with Dr.Eng.Ir. RUDI SUHRADI RACHMAT, M.Eng

Manufacturing is a fundamental component of our economy….we still must make products. The key is to make better….high-value products.

Manufacturing Engineering helps to make better products -”Manufacturing Engineers design and develop integrated systems used for the manufacturing production process.”

Product Creation Cycle
Design → Material Selection → Process Selection → Manufacture → Inspection → Feedback

A sequence of operations and processes designed to create a specific product

The process of turning materials into a product

Manufacturing Engineer
Select and coordinate specific processes and equipment

Industrial Engineer
Responsible for the manufacturing system design

Materials Engineer
Develop and select materials based on desired material properties and manufacturing processes

Manufacturing System Designs

Job Shop

Small quantities of products

Large variety of products

Products move through the shop to various machines

General-purpose machines

Flow Shop

Larger quantities of products

Production line

Special purpose machines

Linked-Cell Shop

Manufacturing and subassembly cells connected to final assembly

Lean production system

One piece flow system

Project Shop

Product being manufactured cannot be easily moved during production

Production processes are brought to the product

Examples: Bridges, ships, large airplanes, locomotives, large machinery

Continuous Process

Large plants

Utilized in the manufacture of liquids, oils, gases, and powders

Lean Manufacturing

100% “good” units flow from process to process

Integrated quality control (IQC)

All employees are inspectors

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